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Anil Group - A Pioneer in Starch Wet Milling in India

Work Culture ANIL

The ANIL Group offers a work environment that is goal focused, team-oriented and self managed. Indeed, we believe that the company’s success − present and future − is directly connected to our adherence to our corporate policies.

ANIL Group encourages autonomy and gives people the freedom to develop and contribute their best to the organization. Our success has been driven by innovation, curiosity and diversity – and on seeing each other’s differences as an advantage. We owe our past and future breakthroughs to a performance culture based on collaboration, debate and mutual respect. Our ambitious and forward-looking employees are self-starters who continually strive to develop innovative, high-quality solutions.

Our work environment enables our employees to work together in a trusting and respectful manner. This way of doing business is based on an open-minded and collaborative culture in which each individual’s point of view is heard and respected. At ANIL Group, we want everyone to be open to the discussion and debate of new ideas.

Think of ANIL Group as a culture of performance with controlled risk, where you have the freedom to try out new approaches and choose your own direction. The freedom of expression and exploration is at the core of our success as a company. By promoting independent thought and the continuous exchange of information, we foster the innovative ideas that drive our business.