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Anil Group - A Pioneer in Starch Wet Milling in India

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The ANIL Group is a knowledge-driven organization that fosters a culture of innovation and customer service. The Group is well equipped to maximize customer satisfaction by maintaining a congenial but challenging environment that motivates people to excel in their respective areas of expertise. Consistency in our staff and recruitment process is given prime importance, which is evident from the fact that our highly qualified personnel are trained in every facet of business activity.

The management team is like a family − coherent and compact and is always looking to support and encourage one another and provide direction to the rest of the organization. The systems and policies at ANIL Group are designed to unleash the latent capability of our people by fostering a continuous learning and performance based culture where our people have the opportunity to grow and succeed and realize their true potential while delivering high quality services.

In the era of globalization, the ANIL group, with its competitive edge of resources, aims to emerge as a World Class Corporate House to offer affordable, quality products and services to its customer at competitive costs, with international standards of customer service – thereby creating superior value for all stakeholders.