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Anil Group - A Pioneer in Starch Wet Milling in India

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Anil Group’s core strength has been its Corn Wet Milling operations and Starch business, with a stronghold on modified starches. Today, ANIL Group's activities span Biotechnology (industrial enzymes), Food processing & Hospitality sector, Commodities Supplier to clients, Industrial / Agricultural pistons, Real Estate & Infrastructure Development and Knowledge & Training Providers. ANIL Group is recognized for its insight, understanding and expertise of each of its individual commercial business. Its trusted reputation of professionalism and objectivity is the framework on which its clients and colleagues depend. The Group's intricate knowledge of local / international markets and industry trend is based in part on its association with companies, clients and leading suppliers across the globe.

The ANIL Group operates a matrix structure, with the Operating Companies being supported by Group Processes. This structure best enables the sharing of knowledge and experience throughout our businesses. Our operating companies all use the Group's business model of providing high service distribution of a wide range of products in all types of businesses with superior quality and efficiency in customer support.

Each respective business function provides specialist guidance and support for ANIL Group to develop and grow as a Global Business Entity. It's a winning combination that gives ANIL Group a powerful blend of global expertise and the ability to align our operations as closely as possible to needs and requirements of every region in the world